Name: Nicki McFadzien

Age: 23

Profession: athlete and student



So tell us in brief your story?

I have been running competitively since the age of 13 and have loved being able to travel the world with this. Races above the 5km are my preference, but currently the challenge of half marathons keep me out pounding the. I have competed in two world cross country events and my best achievements have been the National Cross Country Champion in 2013 and 3rd Oceania Woman in the Gold Coast half marathon. Not only has running given me a drive and work ethic but it has given me many lifelong friends.


Why the love of sport?

I have loved running since a very young age, in fact I have been forcing my parents to take me out running since 3 years old. I love getting out in the fresh air and being able to explore different environments no matter where I am in the world. 



  • 2013 Senior National Cross Country Champion
  • 2013 Ekiden Relay team member travelling to Japan
  • 2013 3rd Oceania Championships, Gold Coast Half Marathon - 1hr 15min 11
  • 2013 1st Christchurch Airport Marathon 10km event, course record- 34.31
  • 2015 2nd Tai Tapu 15km event - 54.29 min


Future plans?

I plan to continue training and would ultimately love to compete in Marathons.

The Olympics is the dream but I will enjoy the process of striving to be my best regardless of the outcome.


If you could be any sportsperson in the world who would it be?

Kara Goucher, not only does she have a great balance of family life to sporting, she has suffered some setbacks and never let those get her down or give up on her goals. I think that this is very important in any sport or dream. 

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