Here we are, the last day of 2015...


The office is empty and i'm sitting up here thinking about the last 12 months and what the next 12 months might look like.. My Facebook news feed is full of.. "be better in 2016", "my new years resolution is to", I am gonna be awesome in 2016".. 


Don't get me wrong, I am all up for self improvement but this obsession we have - that even though we have got through the last 12 months doing what we do - it still wasn't good enough and that in 12 hours time I am going to be a completely different person.


Don't be so harsh on yourselves... You were outstanding in 2015, you more than likely achieved things you hadn't the year before. In fact I know you have. Take the time to congratulate yourself and say yup I was awesome. Before you rush on thinking about all the things you want to change? Don't let the marketing giants of the world make you feel like change is necessary. 


Sure we all have things that we might not like about ourselves.. But this attitude of "A new year and a new you", can't be good.. Why not create a new you for a new you? Hell you'll more than likely stick to this new regime or way of thinking if its for you rather than a change in the last for digits of the date.. 


I think you're awesome...


2015 was fantastic, I spent a huge 365 days being me, doing what I do, spending time doing the things I want to do, with my wife, friends, work, running and everything else that goes into a day. Sure I did stuff I didn't want to, or made mistakes, argued with friends and family, got grumpy, got sad, over ate, under ate, thought negatively, slept it, went to bed late, missed a gym, missed a run, sat on the coach and watched a whole series of Blacklist in one go. But I wouldn't change it. Because in order for me to do awesome I had to be not so awesome. 


The only bonus I see in 2016 is I get an extra day added to the year.. 366 days of nothing but pure awesome.

Would I change anything? Because I feel like if you are going to say i'm gonna be better next year, it's saying I wasn't very good in 2015.. Now I'm speaking for the majority and some people could do with a kick up the backside. But for those of us achieving something everyday, don't let those things become inadequate and don't be so hasty in writing off the previous 365 days.


Learn from them, grow from them, build from them. Be awesome everyday, make change, take change, reflect on change and don't change. Make goals, break goals, fail goals, achieve goals... 


Here's my marketing message for 2016.... Grow


Oska is a Christchuch based runner who works with the franchise, running a 1/2 marathon in 65 minutes and juggling full-time work, married and family life. He also has featured in 4FYL, Triathlon and Multisport and Runner World magazines.. 


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