December - The Jolly season


A season represented by a larger than life and over weight man is never going to bode well for us athletes, Well our figures anyway. So at a time of the year where our jaws get more of a workout then our legs here are a few ways to limit the weight gain, maximise the mental relaxation and juggle the never ending battle of getting the best out of ourselves while still enjoying that extra little bit of naughtiness…


  1. Training - get it done early - People always look at me a little funny when I say that i’ve got training on Christmas day.. But why not the streets are quiet and I don’t have to worry about work. But if you hope to get out after festivities then that’s mistake number 1.. Get out early and smell that morning air.. Somewhere between Christmas stockings and visiting the in-laws, if you sneak out for an EZ 30 minutes before the eating begins the guilt won’t hit you so hard at 6pm.. 


  1. Avoid the fizz, nothing much is worse than a hangover, but our bodies struggle to process excess sugar, if we are loading up on chocolate, fizzy and cake, boxing day is sure to be a not so happy day.. Drinking calories is such a waist. So do away with the Coke and Fanta.. 


  1. It’s all about lunch.. If boxing day training is in the back of your mind load up at lunch. Give your body time to recover before hitting the pavement come the 26th. Then take it easy at dinner time. No need to over indulge at both. Your body will appreciate it.


  1. Recovery - The most important part of training. So why not treat Christmas Day as mental recovery. A day where putting your feet up, enjoying an ice cold beer or glass of red is acceptable. It won’t hurt your goals come February. After all happy athletes equal good performances. Smile, laugh and keep it to a light training.. As athletes the hardest part is doing nothing, but some would argue this was the most important thing.


  1. Don’t be polite…. You don’t have to try everything, Aunt Fanny will live with it if you don’t fill your dessert bowl with trifle, ice-cream, banana toffee pie and chocolate cake. Pick one and feel good about it. After all you deserve some triple chocolate brownie 


  1. Sit on it.. Well yes ya bum but also your drinks.. Everyone gives you a hard time if you turn a drink down so take one and sit on it. Limit the intake and limit the sluggish feeling the next day. Otherwise offer to sober drive. Tends to be what I do.. “Oh it’s okay I’m sober driver”, and roll your eyes and smile as you point your eyes towards your significant other.


  1. Stay Hydrated.. Always have a glass of good old H2O at the ready, Summer time Christmas can be a war of attrition in more ways than one. So if the groggy mid afternoon feeling is creeping in hit our mate water and stay on top


  1. Don’t make up for it.. If the inevitable happens and you inhale everything from christmas pies, to baileys laced raspberry and chocolate triffle, a few to many wines and had to finish the L&P white Chocolate block sitting in the front seat on the way home - don’t feel to bad. It happens to the best of us. Don’t feel like you have to go and run 2 hours the next day to make up for the ill-discipline. Build back into it and accept the good times.   



Oska is a Christchuch based runner who works with the franchise, running a 1/2 marathon in 65 minutes and juggling full-time work, married and family life. He also has featured in 4FYL, Triathlon and Multisport and Runner World magazines.. 


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